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6500 lb per hour freezer
6500 #/hr Skaagin Super-Chiller TM3-Pass Ammonia Freezer (Lot 415)
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Assets Excess to Ongoing Operations of
Fricks, Ozark Mt. Poultry, Simmons, Twin Rivers

Neosho, MO; Washington, MO;
Atkins, AR; Batesville, AR; Fort Smith, AR; Prairie Grove, AR; Rogers, AR;
MN (2 locations);  GA

Day One (1) October 4th
Featured Items
Stein JSO Oven
Stein JSO Oven 
Ribbon Blender
2500# Vac Ribbon Blender 
Contact Freezer
                   Contact Freezer

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Day Two (2) October 5th
Featured Items
6500 lb per hour freezer
 6500 #/Hr Freezer  
ice machine
25 Ton/Day Ice Machine
Needle Injector
              Brine Needle Injector
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Paul Reagan, Auctioneer
AALB # 00862  
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Spiral Freezer, 6500#/hr Skaagin Freezer, Freezer Belting, Unused 2016 -size Dry Cool Dehumidifier, 2016 Unused ANCO Feather Press, FPEC Tumbler, Grasselli 1000 and 600 NSA Slicers, 2500 Vacuum, Ribbon Blender (dual shaft), Band Sealers, PolyClip plastic clippers, New parts for MAREL ACM-NT cut up and deboning line,  Trim Conveyors, Crusting Freezer, Unused GormanRupp Trash Pump, Tender Splitter, CAT Double Bagger, Prime Chicken Skinner, Refrigerated Brine Mix/Hold System, Multiple check weigh scales, Multiple KFC Saws, Betcher Wizard Knives, Case Tapers, Prime Wing Segmenters, Foodcraft leg machines, 400hp Frick Screw Compressor, Foodcraft leg AutoLoader, Busch 160 Vacuum Pump, In-motion Scales, Frame Crusher, 25 Ton/day Ice Machine, Vertical and Horizontal Ammonia Recirc packages, Freezer and cooler Evaporator Blowers, Evap Condensers, Vemag Carts, Brine Injector, Injector needle cleaner, Single and Double Cone Deboning Lines, Elevator Conveyors. Flat Conveyors, Incline Conveyors, Tables, Sinks, Fans, Tanks, Metal detectors, Vat Dumpers, Cart Dumpers, Screw Conveyors, Vacuum Loading Hoppers, MP and Mayo Barrel Breaders, Flat Breaders, 40” Batter Machine, CookTanks, 1000 to 10,000 gal Fiberglass Tanks, Kettle, Vacuum Pumps, CVP Snorkle Vacs, Markem Smart Date Printer, Buckhorn NESTIER Freezer Trays, Marel Shackles, Tub Washer, Strip Cutter, WE Plemmons Box Former/Gluer, Titan Injector, Carruthers AutoSlicer, Eagle Scale System, Prime Breasts Portioner/Sizer, MAREL Single Feed, Meat Presses, 200# Checkweigh Scales, Glazing Conveyor. With Reserve: STEIN JSO IV Oven, Bobolay Form/Fill/Seal, Emplex Bag Sealer, 2200# S/S Vat, CAT Dual Bagger, Tender Splitter,  George Fry Sealer-Rebuilt.
and Much, Much More!